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pellet mill for bio fuel pellets|New type of renewable energy

Pellet mill for bio fuel pellets is used to produce pellets for heating, cooking, burning, cat litter or animal bedding and so on. It can process raw materials like wood, sawdust, bamboo, pine, alfalfa, straw, wheat bran, cotton stalk, rice husk, cotton stalk, and many other biomass materials. The production pellets can be called biofuel. There are 2 types of bio fuel pellet machine: flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine.

Flat Die Pellet Mill:

Flat die pellet mill is a popular type of pellet mill for sale. It is mainly composed of press roller, flat die, feeder, gear bearings and power source. There are 4 types of flat die pellet mills: electric pellet mill, diesel pellet mill, PTO pellet mill and gasoline pellet mill. Depending on the usage of pellets, flat die pellet mill can be divided into biomass pellet mill and feed pellet mill.

electric pellet mill diesel pellet mill PTO pellet mill gasoline pellet mill
Electric pellet mill Diesel pellet mill PTO pellet mill Gasoline pellet mill
In small and medium sized production, the former is superior to flat pellet machine based on its unique merits of easy operation, low consumption, competitive price. You can enlarge inner bearing space and choose a big bearing to increase the bearing capability, which not only improves the press power of the roller, but also prolongs the service life.
With changeable pressure, flat die pellet mill can process variety of materials especially crude fiber materials like sawdust, stalk, straw, peanut shell and so on. Flat die pellet machine is with little space and you can move it anywhere you want, which is convenient for making bio fuel pellets. 

Ring Die Pellet Mill:

As for ring die pellet mill, it is a kind of large scale pellet mill equipment. Also, it can process other raw materials like palm fiber, sugarcane bagasse, peanut shell, corn stalk, wheat straw and many other agro-wastes.  

small ring die pellet machine wood pellet machine
Small ring die pellet machine 500-800kg/h Large ring die pellet mill 1.2-2.5ton/h

 Ring die pellet machine is a large pellet equipment. So it is mostly used in industrial pellet production. Gears adopt anti-fatigue and wear-resistant materials for heavy machine. And its bearings of transmission are high-precision silent bearings, oil seals are heat and wear resistant fluorine rubber oil seals. High precision and smoothly running guarantee the performance of speed gear box once and for all.
What’s more, with point-device compression ratio developed with years of experience, dies are precisely process by deep hole gun drill and carburizing of quenching furnace. Inner holes have the features of high smoothness, small resistance, equal distribution and high accuracy. Three rollers as a group can increase the stressed area and reduce the pressure with die, thus prolong the working life of die and ensure the high yield and efficiency.

Beneficial of  Pellet Mill for Bio Fuel Pellets:

Pellet mills for biofuel pellet have so much advertisement. First of all the experiment proved that bio fuel pellets burn more efficiently and less soot compare to traditional fuel. Plus the raw material is available everywhere. More over, though this way we can turn “waste” into wealth. With this new green renewable resource equipment, you can no longer worry about how to deal with your agricultural waste, and also you get free fuel for burning.
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