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why choose pellet mill for sale from gemco

There are countless pellet mill manufacturers like CPM in UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, United States and many other countries. But most purchasers, especially those who want to build complete biomass pellet plant, choose pellet mill for sale from China, especially GEMCO.

Why do they choose pellet mill for sale from GEMCO?

  • GEMCO pellet mills can process a wide range of raw materials like dry sawdust, wet sawdust, logs, bamboo powder, wet bamboo shavings, canola, corn stalk, and cotton bar, straw, rice husk, bagasse, EFB, etc.
  • gemco pellet mill for saleIt adopts world advanced gear driven technology which is also adopted by CPM and other manufacturers in European countries but has lower price than these manufacturers. Other manufacturers in China do not have such mature technology, so their machine price is sometimes lower than ours. This gear driven technology can increase the pellet mill efficiency and at the same time decrease abrasion compared to bet driven, and as a result it will have longer service life.
  • Air cooling system is applied to the pellet mill for sale. This national patented technology can prolong 70% service life for roller bearing. This technology utilizes wind power to form air flow inside the pelletizing chamber. This technology can effectively cool down pelletizing chamber temperature and realize cold pressing, clear away the ash and powder generated in pelletization process and at the same time recycle these powder for reproduction, which ultimately improves the pellet mill lifespan and productivity.
  • The pellet mill for sale adopts PLC automatic control system to be easy and convenient to operate. It also decreases labor cost.
  • The ring die pellet mill for sale can be lubricated without stop. The new lubrication device can deliver the engine oil smoothly and quickly into the spindle oil filling pipe and can make the shaft balls fully access oil. It does not cause pollution to the engine oil inside the pellet mill main body. In consequence, it can improve pellet mill working efficiency.
In fact there are many other advantages that our pellet mill for sale has over other manufacturers (learn more here). Our successful projects abroad can prove our ability. So if you want to set up pellet plant and also want to save money, choose our pellet mill for sale!
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