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Why Choose ABC Machinery Feed Pellet Press

ABC machinery ZLSP-D series of feed pellet press is the latest development of our plant granulation series of the host, it is suitable for small farms, feed mills, organic fertilizer factory, Chinese herbal medicine and chemical industry etc. granulation. The granulator produces between 0.5 and 3tons per hour. It can be used with various of powdery materials. Its product performance is at the forefront in the domestic and foreign counterparts.

feed pellet press
ZLSP-D series feed pellet press
The feed pellet press has compact structure, beautiful appearance, high yield, less electricity consumption, easy to use and reliable working performance characteristics. Set the pressure wheel uniform, smooth operation, increased the suppressing area at the same time, improve the production efficiency.

The advantages of ABC Machinery feed pellet press:

  • ABC Machinery feed pellet press does not need to add water in the process of granulation, without drying, by natural temperature of 70 ℃ or so, internal curing deep, smooth surface, high hardness. Pellet size is adjustable.
  • We can add various additives to processed pellet feed, which can minimize the loss of nutrition, and kill pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, ensure the quality of feed.
  • The feed made by the ABC Machinery pellet press has good palatability. Feed pellet in the pressing process, the starch in the mixed powder gelatinization, so that the feed pellet pressed with a certain flavor, and increase the palatability of feed pellet, and also can stimulate the appetite of livestock, poultry like to eat that. The protein is organized and the enzyme activity increased, Inactivation of substances in the legume and glutamate that inhibit the digestion of nutrients in the feed.(such as the anti-trypsin factor). These will improve the feed digestion rate. It is determined that feeding livestock with feed pellets increased feed intake by 10%-15%. Sterilize, reduce disease. In the process of pressing, the short duration of high temperature of 70 ℃ and -100 ℃ can kill some parasite eggs and pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce the disease of rabbits. Practice has proved that fed livestock with feed pellet, diarrhea, stomatitis and pica were significantly reduced.
Quality Assurance:
ABC Machinery feed pellets press company engaged in the specialized production research and development, whether from the appearance or performance all can guarantee. Especially the millstone, it can be produced according to customer's different material. To ensure the grain to achieve the best effect. It is an indispensable processing equipment that use science and technology and make full use of natural resources. It is the domestic dry into dry out the latest generation of products. Products complete specifications, superior performance, quality excellent.
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