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Small Poultry Feed Machinery at Best Cost for Investment

Small Poultry Feed Machinery Getting Competitive

At present, small poultry feed machinery industry is getting increasingly developed, more and more investors are joining in this industry after seeing the bright prospect and high benefits, which leads the intense competition. How to stand out in the competition around the market becomes the consensus. The manufacturers grab the cost sensitivity of the buyers. The price war starts, causing the quality problem appears, too.
Small Poultry Feed Machinery Price
(How to start a poultry feed mill?)
The price is certainly one important element for the buyer to choosing the product, but for the investors, caring about the price only without seeing the product quality, it is the worst thing. Small feed machinery is specially designed and developed for the new beginners with low price and high efficiency.

Small Poultry Feed Machinery for Sale

Small poultry feed machinery is the feed pellet making equipment adopting high temperature and pressing to compress the loose raw materials into high density cylinders by using pelleting die and pressing roller. It is mainly composed of pelleting die, pressing roller, feeder, supporting frame, electric cabinet etc.
Small Poultry Feed Machinery for SaleSmall Poultry Feed Machine Plant
(Small Poultry Feed Machinery and Plant)
According to difference in rotating direction, small poultry feed machine is divided into two big types including D-type and R-type, the former means rotary die and fixed roller while the later is for rotary roller and fixed die. Both of them can produce high quality poultry feed pellets for animals.
Due to the different actual situation of different countries and regions, we manufactured our small feed machinery with four kinds of driving power, including electric motor-driven type, gasoline engine-driven type, diesel engine-driven type and PTO type (driven by tractor).

Advantage of Small Poultry Feed Machinery?

  • Featured with small size, simple structure, wide adaptation, covering a small area, low noise, small poultry feed machine has a low cost, small poultry feed machine  costs less with high efficiency, very suitable for the new beginners and new investors.
  • For making the powder feed and grass powder feed, there is no need to add much addictives for producing into uniform size of feed pellets, thus the moisture content of the final feed pellet is basically the pre-moisture content, better for storage.
  • Whether with the single or complete small poultry feed machine, various animal feed pellets can be produced like chicken, duck, fish, birds etc, which obtains higher economic benefits.
  • With dry material processing, the produced feed pellet has higher density, more smooth surface, higher inner curing degree, improving the digestion and absorption of nutrition.
  • During the pelleting processing, the trypsin resistance factor inside of grain and soybean militate, reducing the bad influence on digestion, killing the various parasitic ovum and other pathogenic microorganisms, thus reducing the hemiparasite and digestive system disease.

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Our company has been engaged into manufacturing small poultry feed machinery from the earlier time, becoming the leading of this industry. Tears of experience in manufacturing poultry feed machinery and building poultry feed machine plant, we have provided the clients from all around the world, getting their high praise.
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To realize highly efficient machinery, meet the requirement of low cost, we are  improving the market reaction rate, fastening the technological innovation, strictly controlling the mechanical quality, reducing the production cost, thus giving the best benefits to the customers. Welcome to join us!
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