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Why Choose Rabbit Feed Pellets?

Rabbit feed is generally divided into powder feed, pellet feed, fermented green storage etc. So far, rabbit pellet feed is the most used rabbit feed among the rabbit growing industry. Processed through rabbit pellet making machine, rabbit pellet feed reaches to the requirement suitable for the taste of rabbit feeding, and is not easy to be picked out causing waste due to the high hardness. Pellet feed hardness is helpful to the teeth of rabbit, with full and balanced nutrition.
Rabbit Feed Pellets
So, how about the powder feed? There are still many farmers growing small farm use the traditional feeding method for pig to feed the rabbit with mixing the bran and maize meal and adding water into the mixed materials to feed the rabbit. That methods is out of time, for not suitable for the growing of rabbit, easy to cause some intestines problem. Well, there is another feeding method, feed rabbit with green storage, but the green storage is not suitable for feeding rabbit either. Because it is not with rich nutrition needed by rabbit. In a word, the first recommended feed is the rabbit pellet feed.

How to Make Rabbit Pellet Feed?

The rabbit pellet making machine is here to help you produce nutritional rabbit pellet feed. Currently among the pellet feed making machine market, it generally consists of flat die type and ring die type. The former one is more suitable for small production capacity of rabbit pellet feed, while the later one is more suitable for large production capacity. And of course, the investment of these two type are different.
Rabbit Pellet Making Machine for making feed pellets
Small rabbit pellet making machine which means the flat die pellet making machine, is featured with low investment, simple structure, covering a small area, easy to move, relatively small production capacity. Large rabbit pellet feed making machine which also means the ring die pellet making machine, is featured with large investment, covering a large area, generally not to move, mainly used in the production line, suitable for bulk trade in feed pellets.

Complete Rabbit Pellet Making Machine Plant

The main raw materials used for producing rabbit pellet are wheat, maize, sorghum, bran, hay, plant protein powder, vegetable or animal oils, limestone, salt, lysine, methionine, vitamin C, mold inhibitors and mineral premix. Only the moisture content and size are suitable can the raw materials be placed into the rabbit pellet feed making machine. For the raw materials, some need to be crushed, some need to dry and some need to mix.
Complete Rabbit Pellet Making Machine Plant
(Small Complete Feed Pellet Making Line)
Therefore, when choosing rabbit pellet feed, generally the corresponding auxiliary equipment according to the actual conditions to complete one production line. For the detailed information about how to choose the suitable rabbit pellet making machine, please contact our professional technicians, we can customize the special solution for you.

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