Sawdust Pellet Machine: Your Ticket to Sustainable Energy Production

Sawdust is a very common seen by-product of pulverizing, cutting, or drilling wood around us, especially in forest farm, furniture factory and many other industries. How to make full use of sawdust has been a key concern for many people. As a matter of fact, sawdust is a good source of fuel. But to make it into fuel, the ideal help is pellet mill machine.
small pellet mill machine large pellet mill machine
small pellet mill machine large pellet mill machine

How do the pellet mill machines work?

When you start the pellet mill machine, it will operate. The main parts roller and die will rotate and coordinate. You put sawdust into the pellet mill machine hopper, and it will be discharged onto the die and pressed by the roller. Then sawdust is extruded through the die holes, and smooth sawdust pellets are formed. At the outlet, pellets are cut by a cutter into regular length to have good appearance.

Tips for utilizing sawdust pellet mill machine

  1. Note the size of sawdust should be less than 5mm in diameter. Otherwise a crusher or hammer mill is needed to pulverize it into smaller size.
  2. Keep certain moisture content of about 8%-12%, since moisture can help pellet forming; while too wet or too dry won’t form pellets.

Where can I use sawdust pellets made by pellet mill machines?

The sawdust pellets made by pellet mill machine has wide applications: 
  • Cooking: sawdust pellets are a kind of cheap fuel compared to traditional fuel sources like coal, gas or oil. At the same time, they are more efficient than you directly burn wood chips. They only release small amount of smoke while cooking, and it is the pleasant smell of wood.
  • Heating: whether used by families or central heating, sawdust pellets are cheap fuel source and do not pollute the air, especially in places where there are furniture factories or forest farms or have easy access to sawdust.
  • Power generation: sawdust pellets made by pellet mill machines are now also used in some power plants to replace coal, which is also supported by the governments.
  • Horse bedding & cat litter: sawdust pellets produced by our specially designed pellet mill machine are excellent in absorbing animal wastes and the unpleasant smells. Sawdust pellets also have competitive price compared to other sources. What’s more, they are easy to clear up and do not pollute the environment.
In brief, you will find more and more applications of pellet mill machines for sawdust in the future. So it’s never too late to invest into pellet mill machines!

By Shirley Wang

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