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Pellet Mill for Soft Wood for You to Choose

Pellet mill for soft wood is gradually rising in the biomass machinery industry, and it is mainly used to produce soft wood pellet fuels. Those fuels can be the substitutes of coal, petroleum, natural gas, and other fossil fuels, producing the needed energy for people’s life. The biomass pellets have an effective function to the environment, and they decreases the carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide reduction. Compared with the traditional fuels, soft wood pellet fuel has a broad development prospect and application advantage.
The main raw material of Pellet mill for soft wood is softwood, but it can process other biomass raw materials, like sawdust, straw, etc. The power of soft wood pellet mill can be electricity, diesel, gasoline and so on. That broadens the application scope of pellet mill for soft wood. The users can decide its working area according to need.

Parameter of Pellet Mill for Soft Wood

Motor-Driven Type (Model C)
 pellet mill for soft wood motor driven
Type Power (kw) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package size (mm)
ZLSP 150C 3 phase, 5.5 60-110 105/125 1000*480*780
ZLSP 200C 3 phase, 7.5 80-120 210/230 1050*550*830
ZLSP 230C 3 phase, 11 120-200 290/320 1200*560*950
ZLSP 260C 3 phase, 15 160-250 340/370 1240*580*1000
ZLSP 300C 3 phase, 22 250-400 425/465 1300*620*1100
Diesel Engine-Driven Type (Model A)
pellet mill for sof wood diesel engine driven
Type Power (Hp) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package size (mm)
ZLSP 150A 8    50-100 180/220 1000*500*750
ZLSP 200A 15 80-120 210/240 1460*750*900
ZLSP 230A 22 120-200 280/310 1560*850*1000
ZLSP 260A 33 160-250 330/360 1200*500*1070
ZLSP 300A 41 250-400 410/450 1220*600*1000
The above pellet mills for soft wood are two kinds of soft wood pellet mills of our company, there are other types pellet mills for the customers to choose, know more information, please click here: www.gemco-energy.com/Flat-die-pellet-mill/

Characteristics of Pellet Mill for Soft Wood

  1. The raw materials that soft wood pellet mill processes are diversified, which meets the requirements of different customers.
  2. The pellet mill runs stably, improve the production speed.
  3. The pellet mill has small noise, large output and long service compared with the same kind of manufacturer’s pellet mills.
  4. The pellet mill is of good quality, and it is wear-resisting and corrosion-resisting.
Company Quantification
ABC Machinery has set up for over 10 years, so we have enough rich experience. We also got the certificates of CE, ISO9000, etc guaranteeing the machine quality. Years of sale experience helps us to build great sale and service system. ABC Machinery insists on the principle of customer first and quality first to make sure the customer can have a beautiful shopping experience in our company. Recent years, Chinese government vigorously promotes the biomass energy which supplies a broader development space for the companies. The brand of ABC Machinery gets good reputation at home and abroad.
So what are you hesitating for? Hold the opportunity to have your own soft wood pellet mill!
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