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how to choose your own wood pellet line

To choose a wood pellet line that is most suitable for you is not an easy task. You should consider many factors. Here, we’d like to guide you on how to choose the right wood pellet line.

First see what kind of raw material you have at hand. If you use wood chips and shavings as raw material, their sizes must be kept 8mm-12mm for pelletization. So the tree branches and some abandoned wood plates should be chipped or even ​​crushed into powder. In this circumstance, you need wood chipper and hammer mill (crusher) for your wood pellets production line.

wood logs wood pieces wood sawdust
Wood logs wood pieces wood sawdust

The best moisture content of raw material for pellet production is 10% -16%. If the water is too much, we need to equip a drying machine for you wood pellet line. If the raw material is too dry, mix with a relatively high moisture content of wood chips or simply add water in mixing process.

In choosing pellet machine, it mainly depends on your required capacity. For small scale production, you can choose flat die pellet mill; for large productivity, you can choose either several sets of flat die pellet mill or 1-2sets of ring die pellet mill. Usually it is advised to choose ring die pellet mill for large wood pellet line since ring die pellet mill performs much better in making the same quantity and better quality wood pellets. However, if you want to save cost, flat die pellet mill is also a good choice.

flat die wood pellet mill ring die wood pellet mill
Flat die pellet mill Ring die pellet mill

Next goes the pellet cooler and packing machine. If you just make small capacity wood pellets, these two machines are not necessary. But if you make pellets in large capacity and for sale, they are indispensible.

In summary, the configuration of a complete wood production line can be divided into  crushing section, drying pretreatment section, mixing section, pelletizing section, packaging section and supporting electrical control systems, dust handling systems, conveyor systems, temperature control systems, etc. If you want to establish a wood pellet line, you can take these tips for reference.

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