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how to choose briquette machine suppliers

Biomass briquette machine as a kind of renewable energy machinery has been welcomed ever since its invention. The most common application of briquette machines is to make biomass briquettes for direct burn or charred into charcoal briquettes. With time passing by, there emerge a great number of briquette machine suppliers with varied production ability, price and after-sales service. As a result, choosing the best briquette machine supplier has been vital to users.
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Tips for choosing briquette machine suppliers

  • When selecting a biomass briquette machine supplier, what you should know first is: price doesn’t mean everything. You may want to buy the cheapest one, but can the suppliers assure you good quality and productivity? Of course they can’t. No one can produce good machinery with extremely little production cost. Even if you purchase a cheap briquette machine, you can’t use it for long time. And ultimately you will spend much more than you intend to.
  • biomass briquettesTo find your trustable briquette machine suppliers, you should also be aware of them. Are they qualified? Do they have experience in supplying briquette machines? Have they ever exported to foreign countries and even help the customer build the briquette plant? What if the machine goes wrong and I don’t know how to handle? All these are very important factors that you should consider before purchasing a briquette machine from any supplier.
  • The most important is that, see the briquette machine productivity. For most of our customers, their purpose of buying briquette machine is to make briquettes to save cost or to sell for making money. So the productivity must meet customer requirement. Some suppliers boast their machine to have large capacity, but in actual use, it can only reach a portion of its capacity. So, to judge the machine capacity, you can ask the supplier to test run your desired machine and show you the video. Or you can even visit the supplier to see on-site running.

GEMCO, your trustable biomass briquette machine supplier!

GEMCO, as a professional manufacturer of biomass briquette machine with many years of experience, are able to supply the best quality equipments with competitive price and great after-sales service. All our briquette machines are made from high quality material, so you don’t need to worry about their lifespan.

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