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How to Choose Animal Feed Pellet Machine

Animal feed pellet machine refers to the equipment that can be made into pellet feed by powdery feed or grass powder without adding or a little liquid. With this equipment, all kinds of animal feed can be produced, such as, cattle, sheep, goat, pig, rabbit, chicken, duck etc. The finished animal feed made from the animal feed pellet making machine is featured with full nutrition, reducing the feed waste and stopping the animal being picky, meanwhile improving feed digestibility of animals and reducing the rate of animal being sick. Thus, animal feed pellet machine is getting more and more popular around the world.

Animal Feed Pellet Machine

Animal feed pellet machine is generally composed of two types: including ring die type and flat die type.

Ring die animal feed pellet machine is also called large feed pellet machine due to its high output, thus widely used in the complete feed pellet production line. It is more suitable for large and medium feed pellet production factory, large scale animal farms.

The raw materials used in ring die pellet machine generally belong to concentrated feed, such as, corn, bean pulp, cotton pulp etc. They have high adhesion rate, and before making pellet, the steam conditioner is equipped for softening and maturing the raw material, to make the better feed pellet. What’s more, the glossiness of the final feed pellet goes better as well. The feed pellet like this sales better and tastes better.

Ring die animal feed pellet machine
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GEMCO Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine Types

(Main Motor)
22kw 37kw 30x2kw 45x2kw 55x2kw
Output 1-2 t/h 2-5 t/h 3-7 t/h 4-10 t/h 6-15 t/h
Conditioner Power
(Single Layer)
1.1 2.2 2.2 4 4
Feeder Power
(Variable Frequency Motor)
0.75kw 0.75kw 0.75kw 1.5kw 1.5kw
Inner Diameter of Ring Die 250mm 320mm 350mm 400mm 450mm

Commonly used supporting equipment (except ring die pellet machine): crushing machine, mixing machine, steam boiler, drying machine, cooling machine and packing machine.


Flat die animal feed pellet machine is also called small feed pellet machine, it produces pellet without adding any water, belonging to style of “dry in and dry out”. It is specially manufactured for the small scale farm, and the produced feed pellet can be stored for over half a year. During the production, high temperature in side the feed pellet machine can kill the microbial species in materials, meanwhile not affecting the pellet quality.

Flat die pellet machine is manufactured with compact structure, low power consumption, simple operation. It adopts step-less speed regulation motor speed regulation for controlling feeding quantity to suit different material types and different production requirement with different diameter. For the small scale farm, if making simple type feed with single raw material, one flat die animal feed pellet machine is enough; if the raw material is various, the crushing machine and mixing machine is suggested to equip for matching production.

 flat die animal feed pellet machine
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GEMCO Flat Die Pellet Machine Types

Model Power(kw) Output(kg/h) Weight(kg) Packing Size(mm)
ZLSP-D 150C 3phase 5.5 60-110 105/125 1000*480*780
ZLSP-D 200C 3phase 7.5 80-120 210/230 1050*550*830
ZLSP-D 230C 3phase 11 120-200 290/320 1200*560*950
ZLSP-D 260C 3phase 15 160-250 340/370 1240*580*1000
ZLSP-D 300C 3phase 22 250-400 425/465 1300*620*1100

Small scale feed pellet machine production line is featured with high cost performance of simple structure, low investment, covering a small area, able to producing various raw materials.

GEMCO has engaged in animal feed pellet machinery manufacturing for over 20 years, possessing rich experiences of design, manufacturing and sale. Would you like to own your animal feed pellet machine? Please contact us!

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