Handle Horse Manure by Horse Manure Briquette Machine

Horse Manure Briquette Machine Introduction

Horse manure briquette machine is also called punching briquette machine or mechanical stamping briquette machine. The main working principle of this machine is that, the machine uses high pressure and temperature to press the materials into high density of products. The working principle is easy to say, and our company tries to make the horse manure briquette machine easy to be operated. Horse manure briquette machine can not only make briquettes but also pellets. What you need to do is changing the mode of the briquette machine.
Horse Manure Briquette Machine

Available Raw Materials

Horse manure briquette machine can not only process the horse manure, it can also process other kinds of raw materials, such as goat manure, chicken manure, and other kinds of animal manure. During the production, you can consider to add some biomass raw materials into the manure to make the briquettes even better.
materials Horse Manure Briquette Machine

Processing Steps of the Horse Manure Briquette Machine

The steps of the horse manure briquettes production is similar with the general steps, and they are materials collecting, drying, briquetting. While there are several steps that you should pay attention to. The materials collecting is a necessary step, for you must collect enough raw materials, then the machine can start to work. After finishing the briquette production, you should put the manure briquettes into a ventilated or dry place for several days, and the manure briquettes will be dry, which is helpful for the storage.

Application of Horse Manure Briquettes

Most people may feel confused, why do we use this kind of material to make briquettes? It is so disgusting! Now, let’s talk about the horse manure briquettes application. Actually, the horse manure briquettes won’t have any disgusting smells, and the ash of the horse manure briquettes is a good kind of fertilizer, and it is benefit for the crops.

The horse manure briquette can be used in the areas like central heating and power plant, etc. Horse manure briquettes have many advantages, they realize the waste recovery, and the use of them won’t pollute environment. The high density of briquettes have high burning efficiency and the burning time is long. The advantages are not only limited by that, and if you use the manure briquettes by yourself, there will be many other features to be found.
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