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Easily Movable Home Feed Mill for Animal Feed

Feed Pellets for Animals

In livestock and poultry industry, in order to meet the nutrition requirements that needed for animals and grow animal well, the breeder always mix various of feed materials together to feed them, which causes series of problems, for instance, some animals eat the food that they like only, becoming more picky; some kinds of feed can not be digested by animals well, resulting dyspepsia; the feed mixed with kinds of raw materials is difficult to store and easy to go mould which cause diseases for animals.
Feed Pellets for Animals
With great development in feed making equipment and the higher requirements for feed, feed pellets produced by home feed mill solves these problems mentioned above well. Made from biomass raw materials like grasses, corn, wheat, maize, soybean, oil cake, rice husk, potato and other necessary vitamins agents, under high pressure and high temperature, finished feed pellet is easy to digest and store with a long quality keeping period, and most importantly, feed pellet with kinds of nutrition involved instead of simply mixing can meet the daily requirements that animals need.

Making Feed Pellet with Home Feed Mill

Our featured home feed mill is the most popular type among our clients which is used for making feed by themselves. Here is how to make feed with our homemade feed mill.
Home Feed Mill
(falt die feed mill)
Before starting making feed, you should make sure the raw materials which is decided by the nutrition the animals need. As we all know, different kinds of animal requires different nutrition, and even the same type animal requires differently, for its different growing stages.
  • In the first stage, you need to prepare the raw materials well. Mixing well all the raw materials that you prepared. Home feed mill requires the raw materials should be in proper moisture content and size strictly. The moisture content should be in 12%-15%, and the size can not larger than the pellet die hole. We can provide you the dryer and hammer mill for you in order to save your time.
  • Pelleting is the core of feed pellet production, choosing a suitable home feed mill matters. Our ZLSP series home feed mill is designed and manufactured according to flat die feed pellet mill technology. When the prepared raw material is placed in feeding hopper of home feed mill, they will fall into the pelleting chamber under their own weight where are the die and roller. With large pressing between die and roller and high temperature in the chamber, the raw material is form into uniform pellet through die hole.
  • The fresh finished feed pellet from home made feed mill is in high temperature should be cooled in order to pack into bags for storing and later use.

Why Choose Home Feed Mill?

  • Wide production range. Using this homemade feed mill, you can make various animal feeds, including grasses, rice husk, soybean, sorghum, straw meal, bean pulp, oil cake, field peas, rice bran, potato, pasture etc, used for cattle, sheep, goat, horse, deer, lamb, swine, duck, even fish etc.
  • Home feed mill is designed and developed with small weight and size, simple structure, convenient to install, operate and move to any place that you like.
  • Four kinds of powers are equipped, including electric motor, gasoline engine diesel engine and PTO, meeting requirements of people from different regions and living level.
  • The core components, die and roller, are adopts high quality wear-resisting alloy steel, serving fro longer time.
  • Changed the traditional feed mill structure, our home feed mill is equipped with reinforcing rib in the shell and thickness has been increased, enhancing the machinery strength, avoiding the shell breaking.
  • By changing the arrangement of die hole, the touching area between die and roller has been enlarged, reducing the wearing rate and prolonging the lifetime of the die.
Home feed mill machine is suitable for small scale production. If you want to produce on a large scale, you can choose a feed mill line or a large feed mill.
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