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difference between new and used pellet mill

There are some people who look for used pellet mill online, because they want to save cost on purchasing the pellet mill. But in fact, used pellet mill has many disadvantages over new pellet mill, and users will also bear the risks of buying used pellet mills.

What risks users will encounter buying a used pellet mill?

The used pellet mill is of course a cheap pellet mill, but can you be sure about its quality and performance? You even cannot judge how many years the pellet mill has been used!

There are generally 3 reasons that the sellers want to sell their used pellet mills: they want to expand their productivity; they are no longer in this business; and also probably, their pellet mills do not perform well! But when you buy the pellet mill, you are not able to judge its performance, and the seller won’t tell you about this. As a result, you may possibly be cheated. You may encounter many machine faults during operation, and it may go wrong frequently. You think you bought a cheap pellet mill, but in fact it can’t be used for long.

So, from the long run, it is wise to buy a new pellet mill instead of buying a used pellet mill.

So what are the advantages of new pellet mill over used pellet mill?

Although new pellet mill cost higher than used pellet mill, new pellet mill has significant advantages over used ones.

We know that every kind of equipment keeps improving, and with the development of science and technology, the functions and performance of new biomass pellet mill is also improved. Here let’s see the advantages of GEMCO new pellet mill.

  1. It adopts high precision cylindrical involute helical gear direct drive, so that the transmission efficiency can be as high as 98%.

  2. The transmission gear billet is forged first in water and then processed by heat treatment, so that the tooth surface hardness is increased. Besides, the gear tooth surface is treated by carburizing, and the carburized layer is as deep as 2.4mm, which greatly improves its wear resistance and prolongs the service life of components. The hard tooth surface is processed by silent fine grinding edge treatment, so the pellet mill operates more quiet and stable.

  3. The main shaft and conjoined hollow shaft adopt Germany imported alloy structural steel by the processing of water forging, rough turning, heat treatment, finish turning and accurate grinding. Their fatigue resistance and abrasive resistance are improved, as a result the safe operation is guaranteed.

  4. The machine body is made from high quality steel with precision casting: the thickness is average and structure is tight. In addition, it is elaborately processed by Switzerland imported NC equipment that has ZERO working accuracy error, which offers strong support to the normal operation of pellet mill.

  5. The bearings of the transmission part adopt Japan imported high precision bearing, and oil seals of transmission part adopt US imported wear-resistant and heat-resistant fluororubber oil seal. The transmission part is also added a smooth oil return system, which makes the oil circulate and cool, and automatically lubricate the machine, making sure the bearings are fully lubricated and guarantee safe and reliable running.

  6. The ring die adopts high grade stainless high nickel steel, so its quality is better, lifespan is longer, but production cost is decreased.

If you are not short of cash, it is still advised to choose a new pellet mill instead of a used pellet mill, since the former will bring you more benefits in the long run.
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