How to Choose Chicken Feed Machines for Maximize Productivity

Proper nutrition plays a vital role in the overall health and productivity of chickens. To ensure optimal growth and performance, poultry farmers must provide their flocks with appropriate feed. In this article, we will delve into various types of chicken feed and discuss the corresponding chicken feed production machines that are used to manufacture these chicken feeds. 

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Choose Right Feed Processing Machine to Make Right Chicken Feed

Poultry feed mills produce a variety of chicken feed according to the needs of feed production practices. In order to facilitate the scientific feeding of poultry and the commercial feed production, chicken feed is generally classified into different types based on its nutritional composition, its physical shapes and chicken’s different growth stage. Here mainly introduce chicken feed types classified by its physical shapes.

Mash/Powder Chicken Feed

Mash feed is a kind of chicken feed that is commonly used in many poultry farms. The production process for mash chicken feed is generally to crush ingredients that have been mixed in a certain proportion into small, uniform-sized particles. The fineness is about 2.5 mm or more. The production equipment and process of mash chicken feed are relatively simple and requires less power consumption, lower processing cost; In addition, mash feed features balanced and uniform nutrient content, stable quality, and convenient, safe and reliable feeding; But, it is easy to cause animal picking, resulting in waste, such as feeding chickens waste 6% ~ 10%. And it is easy to produce grading phenomenon in transportation. (Latest order news: Homemade Chicken Feed Machine to Kenya >>)

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Hammer Mill for Mash/Powder Feed Processing

Mash Chicken Feed Making Machines: the main equipment for mash feed processing is hammer mill and mixer, and some auxiliary equipment, like bag dust collector, cyclone, elevator, silo, etc. The specific equipment should be choose based on the formula, the required production output and budget, and other factors. 


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Chicken Feed Pellets

Chicken feed pellets are cylindrical feeds that is processed by feed pellet machines based on mash feed. It is dense and small in size, and can improve the palatability of animals and ensure high remuneration of full-price feed, which is especially effective for meat-type animals since feeding meat animals with feed pellets generally can 5% ~ 15% or more weight. Therefore, feed pellets take up up 46% in the global animal feed production. In addition, during feed pelletizing process, heating and pressure treatment can destroy or kill some toxic components to achieve sterilization effect. However, the production cost of feed pellets is higher, and part of the vitamins and enzymes, etc. are made inactive during heating and pressurization. (Latest order news: Poultry Feed Pellet Machine at Factory Price to Nigeria >> )

Generally, the diameter of chicken feed pellets is: 1~2.5 mm for broilers and 4.5 m for adult chickens. The length of feed pellets is generally 1~1.5 times of its diameter and the hardness of pellets 5~10 kg/cm2 is appropriate.

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Chicken Feed Pellet Machine for Pelleted Feed Making

Chicken Feed Pellet Making Machines: the main equipment for chicken feed pellets making has hemmer mill, mixer, pellet mill, cooler, package machine and some other auxiliary equipment. With these equipment, it can be easy to set up a complete chicken feed pellet production line. Also, the specific equipment should be choose based on the formula, the required production output and investment cost, and other factors. 

Crumble Chicken Feed

Crushed pellets are mechanically processed by crushing the feed pellets to a fineness of 2~4 mm. Its characteristics are the same as feed pellets. Since it has been crushed, chicken's feeding speed is slightly slower, so chickens can’t be too fat due to excessive feeding.

Crumble Feed Making Machines: as its production process indicate, the main equipment for crumble feed is the same with these for feed pellet making, but added with a crushing machine.


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Cost-effective Chicken Feed Processing Machines for Home or Commercial Uses

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