Wood and Feed Pelletizer Mill at GEMCO Pellet Mill

What is pelletizer mill?

Pelletizer mill is a machine for pelleting the biomass materials like agricultural waste productions into small particles as animal feed or wood fuel. The pelletizer mill is divided into two types, flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill. 

pelletizer mill

For GEMCO pelletizer mill, the flat die pellet mill is divided into die-turned mill and roller-turned these two types. Mechanically, the main difference lies in the motion pattern of pellet die and press roller and transmission components. Both types are good choice for making small scale pellets of high quality.

Flat Die Pelletizer Mill

Flat die pellet machine is characterized by the die which forcing the material through which the raw material is forced is flat like a dinner plate. It is usually turned by a set of gears called a ring and pinion or Hypoid gear that would ordinarily be seen in the differential rear end of an automobile.

Flat Die Pelletizer Mill

It has two types, the first model consists of rotating rollers and a stationary die, that is our roller-turned pellet mill, and the second model consists of stationary roller with a rotating roller which is called die-turned pellet mill.

Ring Die Pelletizer Mill

Apparently differed from the flat die pellet machine, the ring die pellet machines are called by the circular “ring” the shape of their extrusion die. Generally the wheels in the center of the ring die force the raw material through the extrusion holes. They are capable of very large amounts of production and they don’t wear out as fast as flat plate mills. So, they are usually used in the pelletizer plant. And recently, there is one new type of ring die pelletizer mill called vertical ring die pelletizer mill, the vertical ring die pellet machine has strong pressure, which is more suitable to suppress the material which is not easy to bond. And the vertical ring die is widely used in the power station, wood factory, feed factory, toy factory, thus it has become the ideal equipment for compressing density forming with small investment, fast returns and no risks.

Usages of GEMCO pelletizer mills

The usages of pelletizer mill can be divided into two big parts, feed pellets and wood pellets. 
  • The flat-die pelletizer mill is widely used for pelleting animal feed pellets by people who breed chicken, rabbit, cow, sheep, cattle, pig and so on. The reason is that pellets are a balanced combination of different kinds of nutrition for the better growth of livestock, poultry and other animals. Many agricultural products can be pelletized for the purpose of animal feed in this manner. Such as, corn/maize, alfalfa, wheat bran, grass, rice, beans, etc. Usually, large size raw materials should be pulverized by hammer mill. Protein or other nutrients can also be added to the raw powder.
  • People often use wood log as fuel before, but now, after new energy fuel wood pellet made by the pelletizer mill became popular, people begin to use the wood pellets as fuel. Why the wood pellet instead of the wood log? There are many reasons, firstly, logs are from the tree which grows slowly, wood pellets are can be made from many materials like straws, grasses, crops and agricultural waste product. The other main reason is pellets burn much more efficiently than logs which means pellets burn with less ash, smoke and more heat. Also, the size, shape, density and moisture content of the wood pellet are uniform easy to be stored.

Operation of GEMCO pelletizer mill

Due to different usages, there are different operations.
  • For making wood pellets: Split the wood log by log splitter. Crush the wood in the crusher or the hammer mill. Dry the crash by dryer. Pellet in the pelletizer mill. Cool and sieve the pellets by the cooler machine. Vacuum the pellets and pack them into bags. In this operation, the important thing is controlling the moisture of the raw material, the operator should keep it in a proper level.
  • For making feed pellets: There is one point is the same to the wood pellets making processing, that is the moisture of the material. Because many materials can be used for pelleting as animal food, the moisture of the raw material may not meet the require men for pelleting. In order to get the best-quality pellets, when the moisture is high, the operator should dry the material first; when the material is too dry, the operator should add the moisture of the material. After adjusting the moisture of the material, the operator can feed the material into the pelletizer mill to make pellets, then cool the pellets and pack them into bags.
  • Another thing can affect the operation, the pelletizer mill type. 
The choice for pelleting mill type depends on the require of the clients. The flat die pellet press is suitable for the homemade pellet making, if the clients want the pelletizer mill as in production line or factory, the ring die pellet machine is suggested.
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