Tips for Improving the Production Efficiency of Poultry Feed Plants

Production efficiency refers to the ratio between the actual output of the process and the maximum output under a fixed amount of input. The more output per unit time, the higher the production efficiency. Poultry feed plants should learn how to improve production efficiency, which is not only conducive to improving productivity, but also conducive to the survival of business under the fierce competition in the feed processing industry. 


So what method should be used to improve the production efficiency of poultry feed plants? There are many methods and ways to improve the production efficiency of poultry feed mills. Investors or founders can improve the poultry feed processing technology, rationally deploy personnel, and update poultry feed processing. Equipment and so on to improve the production efficiency of the factory, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the efficiency of poultry feed production and processing. If you want to invest or build a poultry feed factory or have any questions about the poultry feed manufacturing process, please contact us, ABC Machinery provides customers with turnkey solutions to help your factory improve production efficiency.

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Simply the Work Process Through the Improvement of Poultry Feed Processing Technology

Poultry feed processing technology is the entire manufacturing process from the receipt of raw materials to the delivery of finished products (powder or pellet feed). The complete processing technology includes the main processes such as raw material receiving, cleaning, crushing, batching, mixing, granulation, cooling, crushing, screening, finished product weighing and packaging; as well as ventilation and dust removal, grease addition, enzyme addition, raw material storage and other auxiliary processes.


Reasons for Efficiency Bottlenecks in Poultry Feed Processing Technology

Problems in the poultry feed processing technology can also lead to a reduction in the production efficiency of the entire factory.So what are the main reasons that affect the production efficiency?

Factors affecting production efficiency in poultry feed production technology

Poultry feed manufacturing process Causes of low production efficiency
The raw material receiving process Shortage of manpower, unskilled personnel, too small silo, too far cargo space, busy forklift, etc
The crushing process The crushing machine is too small, there are few silos to be crushed, the raw materials are difficult to crush, and the crushing machine system is not in the best state, etc
The batching process Too many varieties of raw materials, too slow auger speed, unreasonable parameter (amount, time) settings, poor scale stability, etc
The process of mixing and feeding small materials Too many kinds of small materials, unskilled personnel, unreasonable arrangements, etc
The mixing process Unreasonable mixing time setting, too much liquid addition or too slow, etc
The granulation process Small production capacity of the granulator, the granulating system is not in the best condition, the formula is not good enough, and the amount of steam is not enough
The packaging process Unskilled personnel, too many varieties, busy forklifts, etc

 Many public poultry feed plants have the ability to survive in the market because they have improved their production efficiency, leading the way in the fierce competition. Therefore, it is necessary to first analyze the parts of the processing technology in the above table that may affect production efficiency, and adopt measures such as process improvement to simplify the work process, improve quality, and improve work efficiency, and finally obtain doubled profits for the poultry feed factory.

Improve Staff Skills And Reduce Ineffective Working Time

Invalid working hours include: preparation before production, equipment failure, change of varieties, meal breaks, suspension of work and waiting for materials, etc. The poultry feed factory should strengthen the management of the workshop staff, improve the staff's technical skills in the operation of the processing equipment, and rationally arrange the staff according to the staff's proficiency in the machine, reduce the ineffective working time, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the production efficiency.

Specific Operating Procedures for Reducing Invalid Working Time

  • Develop the operating standards of the machine

  • Daily records of poultry feed processing operations

  • Periodic data statistics

  • Organize and analyze the reasons and propose improvement measures


Use Highly Automated Poultry Feed Production Equipment 

The production efficiency of the entire poultry feed production line does not depend on the equipment with the fastest production efficiency, but rather depends on the equipment with the slowest production efficiency. Therefore, in order to solve the bottleneck of production efficiency in poultry feed plants, it is necessary to start with equipment, update equipment frequently, and use automatic and mechanized production equipment as much as possible.

Choose ABC Machinery's Automated Equipment to Build a Poultry Feed Factory


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High production efficiency is very important for a poultry feed factory. Many poultry feed factories are able to survive in the feed processing industry because of improved production efficiency. They are the leader in the fierce competition. If you want to build a high efficiency Operating poultry feed factory, welcome to contact us, we will give you the most professional guidance!

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