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How to Choose Feed Pellet Maker?

GEMCO is a supplier specialized in feed pellet machine and wood pellet maker. Over the past years, with the increasing consuming demand and improving of consuming level, feed pellet maker with super quality and competitive price becomes the preferred choice for people. But how to choose the better quality feed pellet maker?

Feed Pellet Maker

The first tip is that choosing the feed pellet maker manufactured by standard and qualified feed pellet mill manufacturers, only in this way can meet the requirement. Now, here is the different skills for choosing suitable feed pellet makers.

Tip 1

1. According to the mating power.

The mating machinery power is contained in both of machine operation instruction and the nameplate.

2. According to production capacity. 

Generally, the rated production capacity is carried in the operation instruction and nameplate. But here is something needing attention:

  • a. The carried rated production capacity means the production in the rated situation.
  • b. When you choosing the production capacity, it should be little larger than the required production capacity.

3. According to crushed raw materials.

For crushing grain feed, D-type feed pellet maker is suggested; for crushing bran cereals, R-type feed pellet machine is suggested; for the pre-processing as the pre-mixed feed, special feed pellet machine without sieve is suggested.

Tip 2

1. According to raw material.

For processing concentrated feed, both of flat die and ring die pellet maker are suitable; for processing grass feed or feed-crop mixed feed, flat die pellet maker is suggested, because flat die type can meet the large needing compression ratio.

2. According to the animal type.

If processing feed for cattle, sheep, chicken and pig. Thicker pressing die is suggested to choose for processing chicken and pig feed due to concentrated material taking up a large part in it; while thinner pressing die is more suitable for processing cattle and sheep feed. Because large part of concentrated material causes small pressing resistance, consuming small power. If the grass material take up over 50% in the cattle and sheep feed, when pressing, resistance is larger which consumes larger power.

3. According to feed plan and consumption.

Low-cost flat die pellet maker is more suitable for rural farming households, small and medium feed processing factory; while ring die pellet maker with high production capacity and 24-hour non-stop work is preferred for large feed pellet production manufacturer.

Tip 3

  1. Firstly, before buying feed pellet maker, you should check the production qualification of the manufacturer and the machine is delivered from the manufacturing factory, making sure there is no intermediaries earning profit causing unnecessary loss.
  2. Next, before buying feed pellet maker, you should consult to the after-sale service of manufacturer to ensure the improved after-sale service, writing the relevant after-sale terms into the machine purchasing contract, asking the serving time of vulnerable parts and the deliver process, making sure that the machine can be replace at the first time when trouble happens.
  3. Then, when choosing the feed pellet maker, you should choose the one with higher production capacity than your required production capacity. During the working, there will be phenomenon of pressing die abrasion which can not be avoided, resulting the low production capacity. Thus, choosing the higher production capacity can finish the production on time.


Of course, the choosing skills for feed pellet maker is suitable for choosing biomass pellet maker like wood pellet maker, straw pellet maker etc. And you can also refer to: how to choose suitable biomass pellet equipment? Or how to choose good wood pellet maker manufacturer? for buying the most suitable machine.

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