Utilize Horse Feed Pellet Machine to Achieve Enhanced Nutrition

Horse feed pellets allows easy and consistent horse feeding since it can provide important vitamins, minerals, proteins and more. Compared to traditional feed, horse feed pellets help horses digest and absorb nutrients completely. In addition, horse feed pellets can last longer, decreasing spoilage and nutritional loss. Its tiny dimensions and low dustiness make it easy to handle, store, and transport. Anyway, horse feed pellets can ensure maximum nutrition, convenience, and digestive health. (Read more: Horse Manure Briquette Maker Machine for Sale >>)

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Professional Guide on Horse Feed Pellet Making

How to Make Horse Feed Pellets? Equipment and Cost

Whether you are a small scale horse owner or a commercial farm owner, understanding animal feed pellet production process can help you provide your horses with a well-balanced diet while maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Here, we will explore the process of making horse feed pellets, the machinery required, and an estimate of the associated costs. Any questions, just contact us for more information!

Raw Material Preparation 

Before feed pelletizing process, raw materials for horse feed pellet making should be well prepared, including cleaning, grinding/crushing, and mixing. The most common raw materials for horse feed making have grains (such as oats, barley, or corn), protein sources (such as soybean meal or alfalfa), vitamins, minerals, and additives. (Read more: Make Alfalfa into Animal Feed Pellets >>)

Feed Pelletizing  - Key Process

As the key process for horse feed production, pelletizing must rely on professional animal feed pellet machines. Transport the prepared ingredients into feed pellet mill, then it will produce horse feed pellets automatically. There are main types of feed pellet machines: flat die feed pellet mill and ring die feed pellet mill. (Related post: GEMCO Small Feed Pellet Machine Price >>)

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GEMCO Animal Feed Pellet Mill for Horse, Cattle, Sheep, Chickens Feed Making

  • Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill: This type of feed pellet mill is suitable for small-scale or home use. It consists of a flat die and rollers. The raw material is fed into the die, and the rotating rollers compress the material into cylindrical pellets. Flat die feed pellet mills are generally affordable, easy to operate, and suitable for processing a variety of feed ingredients. However, they have lower production capacities compared to ring die pellet mills. 
  • Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill: Ring die pellet mills are more commonly used in commercial operations. They consist of a rotating die and stationary rollers. The raw material is forced through the die holes by the rollers, resulting in pellets with a higher density and durability. Ring die pellet mills offer higher production capacities and superior pellet quality but are more expensive.

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Feed Pellets Cooling & Screening & Packaging Process – Optional

The horse feed pellets discharged from horse feed pellet machine is hot and soft, cooling with a pellet cooler can enhance its durability and prevent spoilage by reducing the temperature and removing excess moisture. After cooling, the pellets are screened to remove fines and ensure uniform size. The final pellets are then ready for packaging. Proper packaging, such as sealed bags or containers, ensures the longevity and quality of the pellets.

Cost to Make Horse Feed Pellets

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Commercial Animal Feed Pellet Production Plant for Horse, Cow, Sheep, Goat, Camel, Donkey

How much will cost to make horse feed pellet by yourself? Actually, the exact cost for horse feed pellet making is decided by the production capacity you want, the feed pellet processing machine you choose and the raw materials and more. We can‘t just offer a simple number that is without any informations. Therefore, if you want to get a precise cost, just contact directly to get FREE consultation and cost calculation. (Read more: Poultry Feed Manufacturing Plant Cost >>)

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Grass Feed VS Feed Pellets for Horse Feeding?

Grass feed for horses offers a natural and species-appropriate diet, promoting dental health, diverse nutrients, and behavioral stimulation. Grazing on fresh grass allows for variety and hydration while supporting proper chewing and digestion. It is cost-effective for horse owners with access to grazing land. On the other hand, feed pellets provide convenient and consistent nutrition with balanced essential nutrients. They improve digestive health, allow for portion control and accurate feeding, and easily incorporate supplements. Pellets are ideal for efficient handling, storage, and transportation. The choice between grass feed and feed pellets depends on factors such as grazing availability, individual horse needs, convenience, and cost considerations. (Read more: Grass Pellet Machine for Sales >>)

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